Dave Liedman


PRESIDENT, Rescue Co-Founder

Dave is a co-founder of City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue and lived in D.C. for 15 years prior to moving to Bend, Oregon with husband Darren Binder and along with their 2 children Austin and Keira, dog, Cody, and cats Schweppes and Scotch. Dave had been looking to use excess boarding space at his dog daycare business, City Dogs Daycare, for housing dogs available for adoption, when his City Dogs & City Kitties co-founder found a black lab named Bentley needing rescue from being euthanized at a shelter. The success of Bentley’s adoption led them to found City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties, a rescue dedicated to rescuing pets in kill shelters and adopting them into loving families in the Washington, DC area.

Dave’s professional background is in communications systems engineering, however, in 2004, he acquired City Dogs Daycare with a business partner. Dave grew the business, adding dog walking, grooming, and a pet supplies store, and added a second location on DC’s H Street NE to the existing location on 18 th Street NW. City Dogs Daycare has supported many local
charities and organizations over the years, including countless donations of services to local school fundraisers. Dave’s philanthropic interests as well as experience in the pet care industry were key in establishing City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties as an organization that became known for providing high quality care for shelter pets with medical needs. Dave’s business City Dogs Daycare has donated boarding space for up to 6 dogs at a time, at a value of over $100,000 per

Together with husband Darren, Dave has had nearly 50 foster dogs and cats since starting City Dogs & City Kitties. Dave finds reward in the joy that each foster dog or cat brings to their new family. He has often volunteered to foster pets that needed extra help in their health or behavior. He has been an emergency contact for all sick pets in the rescue to make sure the all receive the care they needed.

Dave earned his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering (with distinction) from the University of Virginia. There he played the trumpet in the Virginia Swing Jazz Orchestra. Upon completion of his degree, Dave initially worked for the Mitre Corporation in air-ground communications systems for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He is currently an Epic Application Analyst at St. Charles Health System in Bend, Oregon.