Dr. Dan Teich, DVM



Dr. Teich is the founder and medical director of District Veterinary Hospital. His practice provides veterinary medical services in the DC Metropolitan area with a focus on serving the unique needs of pets and clients in an urban setting.  Dr. Teich previously  served as the medical director for the Washington Humane Society, finding forever homes for homeless pets and assisting DC’s too-often forgotten pet population. ​With a passion for veterinary medicine that developed in childhood, the foundation for Dr. Teich’s practice is providing compassionate care and nurturing a lifelong bond with both clients and their pets. Dr. Teich received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from The Ohio State University.

Dr Teich adopted rescue dog Brian ‘T’ Dog (named for Monty Python’s Life of Brian), who accompanies Teich to the hospital from time to time to welcome clients.