Congratulations on your decision to add a City Kitty to your family! Cats can be wonderful companions in many environments, and choosing to rescue one is a crucial part of helping to empty overcrowded shelters. Cats really have a hard time in the shelters. Our shelter partners report that the euthanasia rate for cats is between 86% – 99%. We want to help these cats and bring them to the DC area to find forever homes, with you!

Before you apply:

  • Kittens under 12 weeks of age need to be adopted in pairs or into a home with another friendly feline. Kittens older than 12 weeks may also be required to have a feline friend at CDCK’s discretion. 
  • Individuals need to be over the age of 21 to adopt.
  • Our cat adoption fee is $250  unless otherwise noted. 

Some cats are in need of fosters while waiting to be adopted and are designated as such next to their names.


Please fill adoption application before start adopting a cat. When your application is approved by our team, you can start adopting a cat.

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