Rupert hasn’t had it easy. After landing in a rural shelter with a high euthanasia rate, it was soon clear that he had a long list of ailments: an excruciating scratched cornea and eyelid, mangled frostbitten ears, severe dental disease, and a painful tail. 

It may be hard to believe, but Rupert actually had a lot going for him. His life had been saved by sheer luck: the store whose dumpster he was found in was supposed to be closed and temperatures were plummeting below zero. He would not have survived the night had he not been found and brought to the shelter. Unfortunately, Rupert’s fight to live continued even after arriving at the shelter, which has a high euthanasia rate.

Despite Rupert’s health problems, his amazing personality and fighting spirit shined through, and the shelter employees quickly fell in love with him. It is often hard to find a rescue to save a cat with medical problems (and expenses) like Rupert, but the shelter employees knew that City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue has a reputation for giving neglected “hard case” animals like Rupert the second (or in his case third) chance they deserve. 

CDCK stepped up and brought Rupert to a foster home in DC where he now knows the ways of a loved, spoiled cat’s life. He has gone from being unsure when his next meal would be (and scarfing down all the food he could possibly get), to realizing his hungry days are behind him and picking and choosing his food and his treats! 

Rupert has also overcome ear and eye infections, a lice infestation and even gained two pounds. Through every medication or bath, he’s remained incredibly patient — he knows that he’s getting the best care from his foster. Rupert even purrs while he’s getting soapy and while he gets towel dried because he loves being petted and snuggled up to!

What hasn’t changed about Rupert since the beginning is his loving disposition. He adores people and greets strangers by climbing into their laps to settle for a nap. He purrs at head scratches, loves getting kisses, and is the best snuggler. 

Since Rupert came into CDCK’s care, our amazing animal lovers have rallied for him, getting us  over the finish line to raise the necessary funds for his medical care. We’re all rooting for Rupert, who is finally strong enough to get the surgery he needs. Keep an eye on our website for Rupert, who will be available for adoption after he recuperates from his surgery. He is looking forward to being the sweetest, loving cat to his future forever human.