5 Reasons You Should Stop What You’re Doing and Buy This T-Shirt

City Dogs Rescue is a volunteer-led organization and relies on the help of some truly stellar people like Ethan Katz. At the young age of 9, Ethan has already made a difference in the lives of 10 shelter dogs he had never met, as well as the dogs his family has fostered and adopted. And he hopes to be able to do more. Ethan has designed this T-shirt, and for his 9th birthday, instead of asking for Legos or remote controlled airplanes, Ethan asked for one gift – buy an Ethan Katz T-shirt so more dogs come out of high-kill shelters alive.

That’s where you come in.

In case there already wasn’t enough reason for you to scroll down to the “buy now” link, here are 5 reasons you should stop what you’re doing and buy this T-shirt. 

1. These dogs are still alive thanks to the T-shirt. More T-shirts sold means more dogs stay alive.

2. You not only get to make dogs happy, but you get to make this little boy VERY happy!

3. How often do you wear a T-shirt whose designer is 9 years old?

4. The T-shirt is famous! It was featured on Good Morning America!

5. It’s what all the cool kids are wearing!

So there you have it. Buying this T-shirt is easy. Simply go to our Booster page, select your size (the T-shirts come in kid and adult sizes), enter your info (it’s all safe), and presto – you’re done! And just by doing that, you have helped save a life.

After you’ve bought your T-shirt, check out Ethan and his family on Good Morning America!