A Day in the Life of a Foster

By Yasmina Ahdab​

Are you interested in fostering but are worried it doesn’t fit your schedule? ​Hear what City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties (CDR&CK) fosters have to say. Cat foster Trudy R. says, “fostering is not too different from any other normal day, except it is extra fun! There is just more cuteness and adorableness in your life.” Amelia F. adds, “it is basically a typical day for me, but with the awesomeness of having a cat!”

Paroma with foster dog Sprocket out and about in D.C.
Paroma with foster dog Sprocket out and about in D.C.

Most of CDR&CK’s fosters have full-time jobs. Like other dog owners, they organize a midday break through dog walkers, enroll in daycare, or come home during lunch. “After a long-day at work, I am delighted to come home to my foster dog and my own dog, Pablo,” says Paroma C. who spends her evenings “hanging out, snuggling, and playing games with the two pups!”

With a minimum two-week commitment, fostering is the perfect way to discover how a dog or cat might fit into your normal life! “These fosters become a part of your routine. Even if I am late from work or very busy one day, then that’s not an issue since dogs are the most forgiving animals. They will always love you,” says Patricia B.

Caeul and City Kitty Marshmallow.

Are you interested in fostering a cat but are worried about leaving him or her alone all day? No need to worry! City Kitties often fosters out two cats at once, so they can entertain one another while you are busy. If you’re not up for two fosters, we can assure you that your foster cat will enjoy their lazy day of napping.

Enrich your life while saving theirs. ​“Fostering is the best way to start your mornings. My foster kitties have given me nothing but endless love and cuddles. Their faces light up with excitement each day,” says Caeul L.

Are you someone who likes to exercise and be outdoors? Some people choose to foster younger more active dogs who enjoy spending time outside. Foster, Jess H., always makes sure to include her foster dog in her own workouts. Sometimes she even takes them on adventures to lakes or parks. It’s awesome always having a travel buddy!

Rachael and her dog, Autumn, take foster Ginger on an adventure.

Want a break from the same old, same old? ​“These animals have fun and cool personalities. Everyday is new,” says cat foster Jess P. “I really get to see these animals evolve and grow on a daily basis.” Dog foster Patricia B. asks, “Who can resist so many extra moments of joy and happiness?”

​Fostering is also a wonderful way to meet more people. Tracy W. makes sure to put CDR’s “Adopt me” vest or bandanna on his foster dog for their daily walks. “I am continuously stopped by people passing by and have even gotten a couple dogs adopted that way.”

Fosters who provide a temporary home give these dogs and cats the opportunity to escape high-kill and overcrowded shelters. You are giving them the chance to live while building unforgettable memories and warm fuzzies knowing you saved a life. To learn more about fostering, and to apply, visit: www.citydogsrescuedc.org/foster

Sara and Warren with bonded pair foster dogs, Sukie and Henry.
Sara and Warren with bonded pair foster dogs, Sukie and Henry.