A Special Thanks to CDR’s Volunteers

The Logan Brady Bunch

City Dogs Rescue (CDR) in Washington, DC was incorporated as a nonprofit just barely 2 years ago in September 2011. The past month has been a whirlwind of dog rescuing activity. With your help, we have rescued over 500 dogs from over-crowded shelters since 2011.  As an all volunteer organization, everyone’s role is critical to our success. Nearly everyone who volunteers with CDR works a full time job outside of the countless hours they dedicate to rescuing dogs. 

We’d like to share with you some of the highlights from this amazing month! 

June and 14 Puppies are Rescued

June the beautiful hound was abandoned in WV. A kind foster took her in for CDR and while she noted that she was very sweet, something did not seem right. We scheduled her spay and learned that June was very pregnant. We made the decision to keep the puppies. On Halloween, June gave birth. 14 puppies later, here we are!

Thank you Carlyn and Pat who will foster when they come to DC! Thanks to Shannon and Claudia of WV who are taking good care of them until they are ready to come to Washington. 

Toby is Adopted

Long timer Toby was adopted by his foster mom Lyn. After coming from the shelter terrified of all people, he now has a life of chihuahua sibling love ahead of him. Toby seemed to have a shell that would not break, but Lyn’s commitment slowly brought him out and he is finally starting to begin to trust humans again. 

CDR’s First Dog of Flight

Thank you to the Davies Family for flying our dogs Cassie, Caleb, and Maxine to DC from Smyth County, VA! Scott also flew down to North Carolina the same week to bring back two other dogs for CDR.

50 Adoption vests for 500 Adoptions

Thanks to many generous donors, we completed our order of 50 customized “Adopt Me” vests! The vests should arrive in 2 weeks. Due to the expansion of the number of dogs we have taken in, we had run out of vests. We will now have replenished stock. These vests help our dogs get adopted quickly. 

Baci is Adopted

On Pitbull Awareness Day, the ever-charming Baci was adopted! She is a DC girl and very happy to be an ambassador for pit bulls everywhere. 

All 8 Floyd Hound Puppies are Reunited

Early in 2013, 8 hound puppies were saved from Floyd County, VA. All 8 of them have found wonderful homes and enjoyed a play date!

The Brady Logan Bunch of WV are Rescued

Carol, a recent mother, and a Treeing Walker Coonhound, was dumped at the shelter because she was too quiet to hunt. The female pups were left at the shelter with their mom because it was assumed they wouldn’t be great hunters either. The Jarrett family of Maryland took them all in as fosters and now they are looking for their forever homes in Washington, DC. 

Joe and Libi are Adopted

Long time foster dog, Joe is adopted by Ben. Ben’s family adopted Pudd’n the redbone hound dog last year from CDR!

Our love bug Libi was adopted by the Albers family of McLean, VA. After working with trainer Shera Beck, Libi really came out of her shell. She loves kids and other dogs. She’s one happy pooch!

Two Senior Owner Surrenders Rescued

Lucky the Cocker Spaniel and Ursa the Chocolate Lab/Retriever mix were dropped off at the shelter this week. Both are 9 years old and they could have been put to sleep at any time. 

November is “Adopt a Senior” month and instead they were ditched and left to die. They are both reported to be house-broken. They are good with kids, people and other dogs. They are friendly, affectionate, treat motivated and love to play. They were kept both indoors and outdoors — usually tied up when outside. The owners said their landlord wouldn’t allow pets so, sadly, they were abandoned at the shelter.

Both come to DC on the 22nd of November to find their forever homes. Lucky will be fostered by Amy McLean. Ursa still needs a foster. 

CDR Joins the Combined Federal Campaign

This year City Dogs Rescue (#22223) is a participating charity under the Combined Federal Campaign and employees of the agencies below can contribute to CDR right through their paychecks. If you are a federal employee who is interested in helping us spread the word about CDR’s participation, please join our Facebook group.

We have over $5,000 pledged to help CDR in 2014!

Teddy is Adopted

Our sweet pal and senior dog Teddy was adopted by Amanda, friend of CDR supporters Gaby and Julie. Karin was a great foster for this happy guy who loves his car rides!

Lucy Goosey FKA Leigh is Adopted

Lucy Goosey FKA Leigha is one happy girl! Julie and Brandon who adopted Stella had been fostering Lucy from the same litter. They decided to officially keep the sisters together forever. Congratulations Lucy, Stella, Brandon and Julie! This is one very happy foster fail story.

CDR Earns Over $4,000 in Vet Care at Friendship Hospital for Animals from

Buying a pie can help dogs and people. Really. How, you ask? Buy your pie here: http://bit.ly/pies4pups and for every pie City Dogs Rescue sells for Food & Friends, it will receive over $20 in free vet services at Friendship Hospital for Animals! You can help 2 local charities at once – City Dogs Rescue and Food & Friends.

Pies can be picked up at various locations throughout metro DC. Dieting? Live out-of-town? Don’t like pie? No problem – you can have your pie donated to a Food & Friends client for their Thanksgiving meal. Who knew so much good could come from pies?

Thank you to everyone who bought a pie!

Over 70 Dogs Attend City Dogs Rescue’s 2nd Annual Alumni Reunion

Barktoberfest Raises $4,000 for Rescue Dogs to help pay for medical care.

Thank you for making this Possible

CDR is a family and everyone has helped make all of these amazing success stories possible. There are so many people behind the scenes working hard everyday.  We are so proud to have such a wonderful network and no challenge seems too big. To all of you have donated, fostered, or even shared a photo on your Facebook page, you have made a difference. There are so many people that each play an integral role in the process. So many names come to mind and this post doesn’t begin to unearth the successes of the last month let alone the past two years. These are just some of the many reasons everyday we are reminded why we rescue and why we never give up. 

This November, on behalf of CDR, we would like to give thanks to all of you who have volunteered to help rescue and improve the lives of hundreds of deserving dogs.