Adopt Gracie The Black Lab Mix

Black lab mix Gracie lives up to her name, with an endearing personality and mellow nature. She’s four years old, 65 pounds, and was rescued from a shelter in West Virginia. Despite experiencing both neglect and health obstacles in the past, Gracie has since proven what a lovable, happy-go-lucky pup she is at heart. Before arriving at City Dogs Rescue, Gracie’s elderly owner moved into a nursing home and could no longer care for her. After being given to another family, Gracie apparently didn’t get along with her new owners’ cats. As a result, she was tied up outside by herself for upwards of 14 hours a day, depriving her of physical as well as social stimulation.

After coming to CDR and her current foster home, Gracie is now visibly transformed; she’s happy and in healthy shape. Foster Kay Leech recalls that Gracie was initially overweight and stiff due to inactivity, in addition to being emotionally detached from not getting enough quality attention. Now, Kay is happy to report, Gracie loves hanging out with people, going on walks, and getting her fair share of petting time while lounging on the couch!

Thankfully, in addition to getting the love and care she needed, Gracie has also received proper medical attention through CDR’s fundraising efforts. CDR and foster Kay noticed that Gracie’s gait is a little uncoordinated and feared that she suffered from a brain tumor or other illness. Fortunately, Gracie was able to get an MRI and it revealed that her quirky stride is just another endearing part of who she is! She was born with a smaller cerebellum–the part of the brain that controls coordination–than most dogs, so her walk can be a little lopsided. Gracie also suffered from a minor skin infection and inflammation, which were resolved thanks to antibiotics. She really is a trooper and hasn’t let these hurdles get her down. Kay says that Gracie has improved dramatically since she started exercising regularly and is now alert, healthy, and fully mobile. She’ll occasionally get tripped up, but always hops right back up and keeps going unfazed–just like how she’s tackled obstacles in the past!

Gracie loves a good snack (cheese is one of her favorites) and exploring on walks, but most of all, she enjoys some good rest and relaxation time. She has a sweet, sunny disposition and is very low maintenance. She bonds quickly with people and will never refuse a good belly rub. Calm around other dogs as well as children, though not extremely playful, she’s an affectionate, gentle soul. After her tough journey before being rescued, Gracie deserves some love–not to mention snuggles–in return!

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