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CDRkid Ethan raises over $2k

“My name is Ethan Katz and I am eight years old. I love dogs. I have two dogs that are very sweet. My birthday is on May 29th. This year for my birthday I want to raise money for my favorite rescue organization- City Dogs Rescue.  We rescued my dog Brooklyn from City Dogs in November. I made this shirt to sell for City Dogs. “

CDRkid Ethan Katz celebrated his 9th birthday today knowing that he’s raised over $2,000 to go toward rescuing dogs. With his help, we can save nearly 10 dogs!  You can order a shirt HERE or via http://booster.com/citydogs through June 10, 2014.

Watch Ethan talk a little about his project below:

Thank you, Ethan, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us here at City Dogs Rescue!