Clarence the Senior Cat

Are you looking to add a furry companion to your life? Adopting an older pet is an often-overlooked option. Senior animals can provide calm companionship that is ideal for people who prefer a quieter home environment. Leslie, for example, chose to adopt a senior cat named Clarence because his demeanor matched what she describes as her “homebody personality”. In honor of Adopt A Senior Month, we are highlighting the special bond that Clarence and Leslie now share.

Clarence sits with a pillow

Leslie learned a lot about Clarence’s sweet and shy personality from his foster parent. She was happy to discover how well he adapted after arriving at his forever home! Clarence has gone from hiding in the bathtub to curling up on Leslie’s chest at night. His progression exemplifies the lovely bond that can develop with a little patience and understanding. Clarence and Leslie’s other elderly cat Penny also peacefully share their home.

The established personality that comes with adopting an older cat like Clarence is one of the most rewarding aspects of adopting a senior. Leslie enjoys coming home to a pet who doesn’t require a lot of activity, especially given her long work hours. Clarence’s cuddly presence is a constant source of comfort and joy in her life: she says that “adopting Clarence really has been the best decision”!

Leslie encourages people to “take a chance” and bring a senior dog or cat into your life. They are wonderful creatures who can provide joy, companionship, and improve your quality of life. 

Seniors can bring an amazing capacity for love and an established personality to their new homes, which often make them ideal companions for those who prefer a more peaceful lifestyle. Adopting an older cat like Clarence does much more than just give an animal in need a second chance; it will also enrich your life with a wonderful companion!

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