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Cleveland County wrecks the chamber


Today, Clifford from Clifford’s Army Rescue Extravaganza took the first whack at the now-removed gas chamber from the animal shelter in Cleveland County, NC!

We cannot thank the Cleveland County Animal Control enough, particularly County Commissioner Susan Allen, for listening to the outcries from concerned people, including many City Dogs Rescue and C.A.R.E. supporters, about ending this horrific practice. We are seeing real changes across the country, particularly in counties in North Carolina, where many of these horrific contraptions are being destroyed. 

Thanks also to the amazing work of Take Action – Help Ban Animal Gas Chambers. for their ongoing advocacy on this issue. We also want to acknowledge the many CDR supporters who donated $3,000 in vaccinations to the Cleveland County Animal Shelter as a thank-you for making this happen. 

Further, we thank our own CDR volunteer Patricia Kennedy for drafting a wonderful presentation to the Cleveland County Commission about needed changes at the shelter and for her ongoing work in helping to get animals from CCAC to DC through City Dogs Rescue. 

We also want to give a special shout out and thank you to CCAC’s rescue/adoption coordinator, Jennifer Coalson. Hiring Jennifer has been key to the success at CCAC. She is responsive and has pushed for new policies, such as longer hold times on animals and vaccinating puppies upon intake. 

And, more importantly, to all of the communities still using this practice, let this serve as an inspiration as to how this can be accomplished. No more excuses. The eyes of the world are watching…