Looking for a Home: Peanut the Chihuahua

Peanut is a lovable Chihuahua senior dog, around six to eight years old, who was rescued from Smyth County, VA. She has a very calm, affectionate demeanor and loves to snuggle. You’ll often see a big smile on her face with her tongue hanging out, especially when she’s getting some pets in!
She’s happy both being held and also hanging out in her doggy bed or a nest of pillows on the couch—current foster Donna affectionately describes dainty Peanut as “a fine-boned and delicate little girl, like a prima ballerina.” This lovebug is a low-key couch potato who likes one-on-one attention, but she also doesn’t mind having some extra time outside on leashed walks. A curious pup, she likes the opportunity to exercise her independent spirit, sniffing and exploring her surroundings.
Though she may seem delicate, Peanut has been brave in overcoming some prior health issues. When she was first rescued, she had a suspected glaucoma in her left eye. After further investigation and treatment, it was discovered that the sclera, or white of her eye, was also infected and causing pain for poor Peanut. After receiving pain medication and antibiotics to combat the infection, Peanut had surgery to remove the eye. She was blind in that eye prior to surgery, so she’s had no adjustment issues in navigating her surroundings. Peanut made it through the recovery like a champ and is now happily pain free! She also had some dental work, getting some teeth pulled in addition to a thorough cleaning.
Peanut has gotten along well with the different foster families she’s stayed with, showing that she will easily make herself at home—so long as there’s a spot for her to take the long snoozes she loves (she’s been known to make a nest out of whatever soft and snuggly materials are available)! Peanut happily settled in with one foster family of two cats, two dogs, as well as two children. She enjoyed hanging out with the kids, who are seven and nine years old, showing how gentle and affectionate she can be. Around other dogs, Peanut is usually the less vocal one of the bunch who doesn’t bark except occasionally, in response to another dog starting the conversation!
Peanut has not had any accidents and does fine outside of a crate. She loves having free range to explore and hang out while indoors. Her sense of adventure can kick in when she heads outside, so she would do best being kept on a leash while on walks and at the park.
This well-mannered little lady would love to settle in with you and curl up on the couch! To sweeten the deal (though Peanut is already plenty sweet!), you can adopt Peanut for a reduced senior dog fee.

Learn more about adopting Peanut here.