Single Servings of Joy Equal Many Servings of Help!

Isabella stands proudly outside her lemonade stand.

Click, scroll, click goes her hand. Add to basket. Purchase complete.  
During these simple tasks, we tend to move on in our days without knowing the extent of their effects. 
But the hands of soon-to-be six-year-old Isabella have just accomplished a milestone on the heels of a successful idea – one inspired by a familiar off-screen pleasure that’s now helping a cadre of rescue dogs and cats. This is what sends thrills through her toes to her fingertips. Her purchases provided critical supplies to help City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue (CDCK) save dogs and cats in need!

Described by her parents as a “kidapreneur,” Isabella closed a library book this past May knowing her next chapter. There on the pages, she saw the joy a lemonade stand brought and decided to make it her reality. She also knew she wanted to serve someone beyond herself.

“We asked her if she wanted to help children, animals or people and she decided right away – it would be animals,” her mother Jennifer says. The furry love runs in the family, with Isabella watching as Jennifer walks and helps board neighborhood pups. “After speaking with members of our community, one organization’s name came up over and over – City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue. So that’s where we decided to donate the proceeds.”

The family whipped up fresh cups of lemonade and set them out for sale at $2 a pop near their local metro station in Kensington, Maryland. Fifteen percent of the sale price would go to the Rescue, and one hundred percent of anything additional would be donated as well. Once the table was ready, Isabella stood proudly behind it and waited for customers.

Then, the magic rolled in.

First in the form of a $10 bill. And then $5, $20, and on, and on, and on.

“What struck me was how generous everyone passing by was,” says her father Mark. “This entire thing was spurred by her, and we simply helped. She loves it, can’t stop talking about it.”

Isabella loves helping animals so much that she has gone on to hold several more lemonade stands over the summer raising more than $170 for CDCK! And every time, people are struck by the pure, raw enthusiasm she embodies. 
The young helper has even been invited several times to participate at a local food truck night. During the first event, a bakery owner purchased a glass and let Isabella in on a secret: running lemonade stands was the catalyst for her own love of operating a business that brings people joy. As a special token, she gifted Isabella a cupcake in her honor. 
This is the power of the ripple effect.  
On the family computer, Isabella helped choose toys and medical equipment off CDCK’s Amazon Wishlist to help us care for the dogs and cats the rescue saves from shelters. 

When asked how she hopes her startup will inspire others, Isabella’s young wisdom shines through: “I hope this helps people do what they love to do!” she beams.

Looking to spark joy while helping dogs and cats in need? Join Isabella for her upcoming lemonade stand on September 15th in Kensington, Maryland. Proceeds will benefit City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue.

Isabella chooses items to gift rescue dogs
and cats off CDCK’s Amazon Wishlist.