The Sad Truth About Buckshot in Rescue Dogs

These four dogs came to City Dogs Rescue with shotgun residue.
How could anyone shoot these beautiful animals?

Today, we learned that Moby has at least 20 pellets in his body.

In the past year, City Dogs Rescue has saved at least 5 dogs from North Carolina who have buckshot or in Sawyer’s case bullet fragments in their bodies.  

What is buckshot?
Buckshot is a form of ammunition that is used for big game like deer.  If anyone can tell us why a dog would be riddled with buckshot, we welcome the opportunity to learn why this seems to be an epidemic faced by shelter dogs.

Hayden wouldn’t harm a soul

It is always deeply upsetting when we learn that one of our rescue dogs has been shot.  For example, Mystic (formerly Marble) had at least 6 pellets in her body.  Earlier this year, Brody was brought to the shelter with an embedded collar and wounds from buckshot.  Another alumni, Sawyer had severe complications with his ankle as a result of being shot with a .22 caliber. Hayden was rescued in February and also had buckshot.

Today, we learned that one of our foster dogs Moby (formerly known as Carson from Bladen County) has been shot at 20 times! In the case of Moby and Mystic, they were fortunate enough to not require surgery for removal.  These dogs are the only ones where we knew they had been shot.  Unfortunately, it is probably more common than we know. 

Please spread the word that it is not okay to shoot a dog. It is sad to know that the scars of being shot will always be able to felt in these dogs.  Hayden, Mystic, Brody, and Sawyer all found their forever homes. Moby is still available for adoption!

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