Truvy and Disco go to Washington

Three dogs, Truvy, Disco, and Shelby, were abandoned to a kill shelter in Laurens County, SC without any hope for rescue and no chances of adoption. Our friends at Sanctuary Rescue notified us that Truvy was pregnant and said they would be able to rescue her, Disco, and Shelby with the help of City Dogs Rescue. These owner surrenders were clearly traumatized by what was probably a life of abuse and neglect. This is the same shelter where recent CDR dog, Katie, came from as well. 

Shortly after being rescued, Truvy gave birth to a healthy litter of 6  beautiful puppies. A foster for Sanctuary Rescue cared for her and her pups in Virginia. The puppies nursed with Truvy and shortly thereafter all of them found homes!

Once the puppies were weaned, City Dogs Rescue brought Truvy and Disco to Washington, DC to find homes of their own. We’re not sure how Truvy, Disco and Shelby are all related but it seems likely that Truvy is the mother of Disco who seems about 3 to 5 years old and Shelby who is less than year old.  Truvy is also about 35 lbs and 3 to 5 years old. We have learned that they are the gentlest, sweetest dogs despite an obviously hard past.

Lindsey, foster of Disco, and her roommates have really helped him learn about the good things the world has to offer. Lindsey notes that she was so sad to see him cower when she went to put on her shoes. He is clearly much more frightened of men, but he is slowly learning how to trust again. Disco takes a few minutes to warm up to new people, but he is completely docile and really enjoys meeting new dogs. Disco loves the dog park and is learning how to play. It’s clear he never had toys or treats in his past life, but we’ve learned Disco really likes cheese. 

This week, Disco has been working in the Capitol buildings and sitting in on meetings with the Congressman. “Working” on the Hill has really helped Disco become more socialized around new people. He was even lucky enough to meet “his” SC Congressman! 

Lots of Members of Congress and staffers on the Hill bring dogs to work, but it’s especially nice to see a shelter dog who’s come from such dire straits make it all the way to Washington! 

Truvy is also doing fantastic in her foster home with CDR photographer Rebekah Feng. Rebekah recently adopted Molly the beagle and has recently opened her home to foster dogs.

Truvy and Disco are low-riders so we think there must be some basset or corgi in them because they are close to the ground. You will not find sweeter dogs and we are so amazed at how far they’ve come over the past two months.  

We can’t wait till they find their forever homes.