Update on Lucky

Remember Lucky? Well, today we have an update from this City Dogs alum, who was adopted in early May.

Lucky’s new family shared this recent update with us:

Lucky is a great dog and is adjusting well to her new life. Being a curious one, she spent the first few days sniffing around and exploring. She really likes this stuffed porcupine squeak toy we bought her and she carries it around and sleeps with it. We took her to the vet Saturday and she did great! She is such a unique color she gets all the attention. The vet said she is in great health and perfect weight. She received a booster for one of her shots, flea and tick, heart worm, and a new toothbrush. We take her back June 9 to start another series of shots and we are looking into some dog training at petsmart. 
We love her to death and are so excited for our new life!

Is your pup a City Dogs alum? Send us an update and we’ll feature you here!

-A.J. (new City Dogs contributor and blogger from I Still Want More Puppies)