Canine urinary incontinence can be helped or completely resolved with the use of medication or natural remedies.

Proin (PPA) is often recommended by vets but comes with the risk of stroke. If you opt for this, your vet should check blood pressure regularly to minimize that risk. The drug used to be on the market for humans (Dexatrim) and was taken off the market as a result of causing strokes. However, there are supplements and other remedies for incontinence.

One of our volunteers, who’s had several incontinent dogs, recommends one or more of the following, which may completely resolve the issue:

It can take a few weeks to months to see results. These natural remedies can also work for bladder and urinary tract infections.

To deal with leaks, you can use a blanket on top of a trash bag or other piece of plastic to make clean up easy. A Coolaroo bed with something placed under it to catch any leaks is also effective. Diapers, available as disposable or washable, help control the issue, but if left on wet for too long can result in a yeast infection from too much moisture being trapped. 

If the dog is used to getting on your couch, try the following: 
1) Place a blanket on a trash bag on top of the couch 
2) Wrap the individual cushions (inside the fabric covers) with a trash bag and then recover with the fabric covers – that way, if an accident occurs, you only need to wash the covers, not the interior cushions, which don’t wash well.
3) Train the dog to not get on the couch.