• A 2-month-old puppy has to go out every 2 to 3 hours. A 3-month-old puppy has to go out every 3 to 4 hours, and so forth. So someone who works all day must have a dog walker that comes at least 2 to 3 times a day. Once a day can cost $15/$20. 
  • Letting the dog out every 2 to 3 hours doesn’t miraculously suspend itself during the night. No one sleeps when there’s a puppy in the house, because the puppy must also get up in the middle of the night—several times—to go out.
  • Puppies are extremely time-consuming and need a lot of energy and time. If you don’t have that time, you won’t be a good match.


  • Puppies are a blank slate and need to be trained on all the basics.
  • Puppies must be socialized with people and other dogs to become well-adjusted animals.
  • Puppies bite, chew, pee, poop and do all sorts of unwanted things in the house.
  • If you have young kids, be aware that puppies are what we call “mouthy” – which means they bite! – and their puppy teeth are super sharp. Puppies aren’t yet aware that they shouldn’t be biting people, so they will until they are taught otherwise.
  • Puppies must always be supervised with children and should never be left unattended.


  • Puppies are very expensive – more than double the cost of an adult dog.
  • Puppies must be spayed/neutered at the expense of the adopter.
  • Puppies can easily become sick. Puppies are like babies and don’t have a fully developed immune system. When they become sick, it is important to get them to the vet immediately – and the bills can easily become quite high.
  • Overall, puppies are a huge amount of work, and you must be prepared for the effort they require!