Wedding Guests Prefer Saving Dogs To Flowers

Watson is one spectacular dog. He was rescued as a stray from Lexington, VA in the summer of 2012 and became the 77th dog adopted through City Dogs Rescue. Since then, he’s had such a great life, living it up in Delaware. Not only does he have a wonderful family that dotes on him, but he’s been part of some pretty cool things in the past year, like his parents’ engagement photo shoot (pictured).
Clare and Nate, Watson’s parents, were married on June 28, 2014. In lieu of flowers for their wedding, they made a donation in their guests’ honor to City Dogs Rescue, to pay it forward so someone else could find their own Watson. Nate’s own words below were posted for wedding guests to read and they best describe this family’s love for their dog. Watson was adopted in August 2012.

Thank you Clare, Nate, and Watson!  If you would like to donate to City Dogs Rescue, you can do so here or email for information on how to set up your own special fundraiser.