Why Be a Foster for a Dog or Cat?

Interested in fostering but not quite sure what to expect?

Hear what City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties (“CDR&CK”) fosters have to say.

​​“It is a lot harder to never say hello,” says Patricia B., because without fosters we simply can’t rescue dogs and they remain at the shelter at risk of euthanasia. Many of the dogs and cats that need fosters are just days, if not hours away from being euthanized. Fosters provide a lifeline to these animals. “You can give them the opportunity to enjoy and experience the beauty of life. This also opens up space for even another dog or cat to be saved!” says Laura, a CDR&CK foster.

All the rewards.

In addition to being their lifesaver, longtime foster Leah W. has been “blown away by how incredibly open and sweet these adorable creatures are. They are merely looking to be loved and cared for!” By providing a dog or cat with a temporary home, you are giving them the chance to experience happiness in everyday life. Leah feels that “nothing compares to seeing your foster settle in, soak in love, grow, and just flourish. In the process, your heart will melt and open.” Patricia B. loves that her fosters “express their gratitude through kisses and cuddles.” and says “Fostering requires you to give up a little space in your home and in return gain endless space in your heart.” She finds fostering to be remarkably rewarding and that it pays back in countless ways (particularly through the endless love and cuddles these fosters shower you with!).

Have a busy schedule?

Many of our fosters work a full work-week, and like other dog owners, arrange a midday break via dog walker, or plan on using daycare for their foster dog. With a minimum two-week commitment, it’s a great way to see how a dog might fit into your normal life. Are you someone who likes to exercise and be outdoors? City Dogs Rescue always has young active dogs who would love to spend time outside with you. If you’re interested in fostering a cat but are worried about them being alone during the day, City Kitties often fosters two cats out at once, so they can entertain each other while you are at the office.

If you are unsure if you can manage a long-term pet, then fostering “is a fabulous way to dip your toe in and to learn about the process of having a dog or cat,” says Tracy W, who has fostered many dogs with us.

Jillian M. fostered as a way to dive into having a dog of her own. “I grew up with dogs but realistically, my parents were the true caretakers. Being responsible for an animal who is so completely dependent on you was a whole new experience for me and as my fosters learned to “dog” I learned how to be a good dog guardian each step of the way,” says Jillian M.

Concerned about costs?

No need to worry! CDR&CK covers approved vet visits, medications, or training sessions you may need. “Ultimately, you only need to provide food, shelter, and immeasurable love!” says Laura.

Join a Supportive Community!

Laura and Tracy both feel that “every dog they have fostered has been wonderful, and just a pure delight. However, if you happen to come across a foster that has any behavioral or health issues, then no problem – CDR&CK is more than supportive.” CDR&CK provides a free foster training, taught by professional dog trainers and has an active online community where any foster or alumni can seek out answers to their questions. There’s also a group of volunteers dedicated to helping each foster help their foster pet adjust to their new environment, so you are always supported. Leah states “CDR&CK is a true community, where people are open to helping and learning from one another.”

Learn More and Apply!

Fosters who provide a temporary home give dogs and cats the chance to escape high-kill shelters. You are giving them the opportunity to live and creating beautiful friendships in the process. To learn more about fostering, and to apply, visit: www.citydogsrescuedc.org/foster