City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue (CDCK) is a nonprofit organization that rescues animals in overcrowded, under-resourced shelters. We are often the last hope for animals, many of whom would otherwise not be rescued due to injuries or other medical problems.

​We rely exclusively on donations to provide critical veterinary care and on passionate volunteers to provide foster homes and operational support. We find loving adoptive homes for dogs and cats in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, thereby enriching the lives of both humans and animals.


CDCK envisions a world where all dogs and cats live in forever and loving homes free from neglect, abuse, and abandonment.


These are guiding principles for CDCK management, staff, and volunteers to help set priorities, steer conduct, and make decisions.

  • Create lifesaving solutions for dogs and cats.
  • Deliver quality customer service to everyone.
  • Engage the community in our work.
  • Build friendships and have fun while working towards an incredibly important goal.