February 2023 Newsletter Articles

Foster Cat Rupert : The Resilient Snuggler

​Rupert hasn’t had it easy. After landing in a rural shelter with a high euthanasia rate, it was soon clear that he had a long list of ailments: an excruciating scratched cornea and eyelid, mangled frostbitten ears, severe dental disease, and a painful tail. 

It may be hard to believe, but Rupert actually had a lot going for him. His life had been saved by sheer luck: the store whose dumpster he was found in was supposed to be closed and temperatures were plummeting below zero. He would not have survived the night had he not been found and brought to the shelter.

An Open Heart and Mind: Sasha Finds her Forever Home

Vanessa always wanted a furry companion of her own and took the first step when she signed up to volunteer with City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue. Upon seeing 1.5-year-old Sasha’s photo online as a pup in need of fostering, something in her heart immediately knew that she and Sasha belonged together. As Vanessa puts it, “I looked at her picture and said, ‘that’s my dog’!”

Sasha originally came to CDCK via a partner shelter in Southwest Virginia. While little is known about the first year of Sasha’s life, at some point she received a leg injury that never healed quite right.

“You’re Never Too Young to Turn Service Into Action”

To say youth can make a difference is an understatement. For the middle and high school students attending Sunday School at St. Marks’ Church on Capitol Hill, making a difference meant translating their faith into action. For their service project, the students voted on animal rescue and chose City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue as the organization they would work with. Their project is one of the impacts of learning from teachers Lisa and Jeb how Bible stories can reflect in people’s daily lives.

October 2022 Newsletter Articles

Brightwood Elementary School

Inspired by their passion for helping the community, Brightwood Elementary School’s DC Score Soccer Team participated in an animal welfare and animal abuse prevention service learning project in the Spring. The students focused on City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue because some of their wonderful teachers have fostered through the rescue. 

TITO: A Beloved Cat Returned Home​

One evening Tito didn’t come for his dinner, a meal he never skips, and the family knew Tito was missing! Erica reached out to CDCK for help and connected with Carlyn, an amazing volunteer with experience reuniting missing pets with their families.​